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Today, more than ever, we are looking for opportunities to maximize the equity in our homes. Professional property management in Tucson is the answer to securing your investment today and preparing for tomorrow’s dreams.

Protecting your home’s values. Maximizing your investment. It’s what we do.Homes For Rent Tucson - EMS Realty - Long Term and Furnished Executive Rentals, and Real Estate Sales

EMS Realty offers quality service to meet all your real estate needs.

Selling Your Equity? Our aggressive, on-target marketing strategies will assure you the highest market value possible for your real property, all within the best possible time frame.

Looking for a home? Our selection of quality homes for rent in Tucson’s finest neighborhoods offers a prospective tenant the right setting to select a home that exactly fits his or her needs. Our extensive property management expertise enables sellers to choose the option of leasing their property with confidence until its full market value can be achieved. Our close ties to the entire Tucson real estate community benefit our clients in innumerable ways. We can even help find an ideal home for our buyers to rent while searching for the perfect home to buy. And, of course, our property management services provide owners with extensive services including property evaluation and preparation, scrupulous tenant screening for renting, association management and thorough and detailed accounting practices for all funds.

Looking for Property Management in Tucson? Our extensive rental property management expertise allows you to manage your real property to its fullest potential, with current and future consideration, as a home for rent or a sale. We will give you true peace of mind knowing that your property, whatever size and location, is being cared for by leading professionals in rental property management.

Looking for Results? Our entire Tucson staff shares high levels of hands-on experience in office administration, property management and accounting. This common thread of experience is due to our firm’s belief in building a competent staff of Realtors with comprehensive knowledge of the management profession in and around southern Arizona. Staff knowledge is built and skills are continually honed through interactions with all aspects and responsibilities of conscientious equity service. The result is a strong commitment to professionalism and caring, setting EMS… Nothing but blue skies ahead.

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