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Tucson Residential Property Management

As Tucson’s finest Full Service Property Management company, 0ur extensive expertise allows us to manage your real property to its fullest potential, with current and future consideration as a rental or a sale. Our Five Step Commitment will give you true peace of mind knowing that your property, whatever size and location, is being cared for by leading professionals.

Our Five Step Commitment



With extreme care, we prepare and package your Tucson rental home to maximize its appeal to potential tenants. Well-maintained and professionally managed properties return the greatest income potential for you, the home owner, our top priority.


Tenant Screening

We thoroughly verify employment, income, and credit worthiness for every prospective tenant to ensure that only the most qualified individuals take residence in a home. If a potential Tucson tenant wishes to view the rental home, rest assured one of our highly trained and licensed staff will professionally show it.

Once verified, the application information is relayed to you for the ultimate management decision of occupancy of your home.



We have researched a wide variety of media to provide proven and effective advertising vehicles for your rental home. We combine our technologically advanced marketing approaches with our carefully planned advertising contracts to reduce both vacancy rate and overall home owner expense.

Our streamlined Tucson Real Estate office functions efficiently to ensure incoming calls and emergencies alike are dealt with quickly and competently.



Our Accounting department, headed by a degreed accountant with over 15 years of experience, provides both monthly and annual financial statements and documentation for income tax returns and rent assessments. In addition, we can manage your information and rent deposits to best suit your needs, such a making deposits directly to your bank account using secure ACH transfers, as well as making invoice and documentation copies available through our secure online owner’s portal. We pride ourselves on making the transactions that affect your property as available and transparent as possible. All monies enter a Trust Account, which is not only audited internally each year, but also subject to random audits by the Department of Real Estate.



To protect your rental from damage and to ensure compliance with all Tucson, Arizona Tenant/Landlord Laws, we oversee routine maintenance and respond to tenant emergencies as they arise. Additionally, at your request, we can act as your representative to ensure any repair or maintenance needed on your rental homes are performed responsibly.

Our duties include obtaining bids, awarding contracts, and overall supervision of repairs. As Tucson property management professionals we also work with insurance carriers, their adjusters, and contractors to make the necessary repairs to your home.

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