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Lisa A.Suarez, Designated Broker

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Lisa Suarez, REALTOR®


Designated Broker

Lisa has shaped the firm of EMS Realty, Inc. with an invaluable focus on inspirational leadership and work/life balance.  The cornerstone of the EMS team approach to professional property management is customer service excellence with an emphasis on strong communication, attention to detail, and innovation.  Lisa and her team strive to protect clients’ home values while maximizing their investments.

Lisa is committed to giving back to our community and to her industry and local, state, and national levels.  A few of her accolades include:

  • 2020 REALTOR® of the Decade by the Tucson Association of REALTORS®
  • 2017 President of the Tucson REALTORS® Charitable Foundation
  • 2017 REALTOR® of the Year by the Tucson Association of REALTORS®
  • 2009 President of the Tucson Association of REALTORS®
  • Appointed in 2003 by Governor Napolitano to the Real Estate Advisory Board serving seven years.
  • Appointed by National Association of REALTORS® as Federal Political Coordinator to Congressman Raul Grijalva Arizona’s 3rd District serving seven years.
  • Appointed member of the Statewide Professional Standards Committee of the Arizona Association of REALTORS® since 2001
  • Appointed to the Board of Directors for Casa de los Niños in January 2005, serving five years
  • Member of the Council of Residential Specialist
  • Certified Residential Property Manager
  • Certified Risk Management Specialist

Debbie Duke, REALTOR®


Associate Broker

Debbie’s enduring love of The Old Pueblo began as a young child and remains steadfast today. With an exceptional family history in real estate, she cultivated over 22 years as a leader in residential property management. Her combination of academic achievements, expertise in property management, and experience in sales and lending underscores her commitment to excellence and dedication to serving her clients at the highest level.

Gifted with unique abilities as a solutionist, Debbie excels in dispute settlement and negotiation strategies. Giving back to her industry and helping others to succeed is key to Debbie. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her family, especially her two grandchildren. Debbie’s team spirit and many talents are a welcome addition to our cadre of industry professionals.


Linda Foyt, REALTOR®


Associate Broker

Linda provides EMS with over 25 years of high level experience in the mortgage industry, property management and executive ad- ministration. Member of the Tucson Assn of REALTORS® Property Management Committee for 6 years, and served as Chair in 2012.

She also serves as the Treasurer for the National Association of Residential Property Managers (NARPM), Southern Arizona Chapter, from 2013 to present. Linda is an essential piece of the team as she is able to navigate any task given to her with positive results. Her professionalism and expertise provide a superior foundation for unsurpassed, efficient office management.


Lori Gray, REALTOR®


Associate Broker
New Account Manager

With over 30 years management experience in the restaurant and property management industry, Lori is a vital member of the EMS Realty agency in Tucson. Her ability to think creatively in order to find solutions to unique property management issues in Arizona and responds to client needs has proven to be invaluable to our team.

Carol Weaver, REALTOR®


Associate Broker
Property Management

Professionalism, diligence and creative problem-solving enhance the many talents that Carol brings to the Arizona EMS team.

Carol takes the initiative to continue her education focusing on the current landscape of our industry and puts that to work for our clients, holding their interests of utmost importance.  Her experience in residential real estate has fine-tuned her strengths allowing her to achieve excellence in customer satisfaction by going above and beyond!  Carol’s simple, direct communication and consistent attention to detail fosters efficiency and accuracy in her work.

As a graduate of the University of Arizona and a local volunteer she has established roots in the Tucson community and enjoys connecting with clients on a personal level, placing value on their experience as well as her reputation.

Megan Wingfield, REALTOR®


Associate Broker
Property Management

A native Arizonan, Megan brings a rich family history of business experience to EMS Realty. Throughout the years, she has been involved with several nonprofit charities in Southern Arizona, volunteering closely with affiliates from different areas. This skill set coupled with a degree in Communications from the University of Arizona made for an easy transition to Real Estate. Her strong client service skills, keen eye for detail, and management savvy make Megan an invaluable asset to the EMS team.

Since her time at EMS, Megan has been an active member of industry affiliations, taking leadership positions at the Tucson Association of REALTORS® since 2009, keeping her deeply rooted in her community. Presently she serves as an executive member and volunteer for CHARM, a non-profit organization that offers families in Southern Arizona empowerment and evidence-based approaches for strengthening resiliency in health promoting ways.


Tammy Hahn, REALTOR®


Property Management

After earning her license in 2016, Tammy hit the real estate market eager to conquer and excel. Her experience in sales and real estate owned property transactions provide her with the understanding of what it takes to succeed. A strong work ethic and great customer service are second nature to Tammy as a previous owner of a small business. She truly understands the importance of excellence in customer service, attention to detail and strong communication. Tammy enjoys positive results in problem solving and is quick to execute the appropriate action needed. This keen ability plays a vital role in her contributions to our Team of professionals.


Amir Hachem, REALTOR®


Property Management

Amir brings his world-class customer service skills to the team. While interacting, he has a unique ability to empathize and utilizes this to build rapport. His background in science, technology, as well as linguistics aid in his confident and professional communication. Entering his 12th year in Real Estate, Amir continues his goal-driven mission to learn all things real estate. His ambition for perfection and excellence is fueled by his hunger for knowledge, assisting in his quick learning. This has been a useful tool in learning the ins and outs of properly maintaining and caring for clients’ properties. Always extending a willing hand to help, makes him the perfect addition to the EMS team.

Kendall Vaught, REALTOR®

Property Management

Kendall was born and raised in Melbourne, Florida, where she grew her interest in real estate, working with Property Registration Services on foreclosures. While attending Florida State University, Kendall worked at a local property management company in Tallahassee where she furthered her love and interest in real estate. Moving to Arizona in the summer of 2022, she started her career at EMS Realty and is enjoying everything under the sun in the Sonoran Desert. We are enjoying Kendall’s invaluable talents in customer service excellence, data analytics and as an integral part of Team EMS.

Alaina Chapin

Administrative Manager

Starting out in 2001, Alaina built her experience in the mortgage industry before taking the leap into property management in 2009, when she first joined the EMS Team as a newly licensed leasing agent.

As manager of our vacation rental portfolio since 2015, she worked hard to establish strong relationships with property owners and tenants which made the position most rewarding for her. Alaina’s communication style and organizational skills served her well in this role. She takes pride in her work and places the utmost emphasis on stellar customer service through consistent communication, attention to detail and “hop to it” energy.
Pursuing an opportunity to expand industry knowledge, Alaina accepted a position in title and escrow for over a year. With the benefit of gaining more industry knowledge and experience, she elected to rejoin her EMS Team in 2023.

We are proud to welcome Alaina to the position of Administrative Manager allowing her the perfect work life balance as a wife, mother of two young children, photographer and social butterfly.

Jason Logan

Operations Director

Jason has been an integral part of the EMS Realty Team since 2011, with just a brief venture into title and escrow for a year which afforded him an even more dynamic understanding of the real estate industry. With an extensive background in marketing, communication, customer service and office management, he brings a vast skill set to the team as well as positivity, humor, and can-do attitude.

Jason is an expert problem solver and a true professional in any interaction or situation by easily resolving conflict with his calm demeanor and patient disposition.

Thriving in his current role as Operations Director, he’s making sure EMS Realty remains a well-oiled machine!