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Lisa A.Suarez, Designated Broker

Residential Leasing Services

In addition to residential sales and full service property management (where we take care of all management aspects) we also offer what we call a “onetime lease up” or a one-time rental. For a onetime lease up, we market the home, screen potential tenants and complete all of the move in paperwork, including signing the lease with the new tenants. After that, the management of the property returns to the homeowner. They take care of all the day to day items that include rent collection, handling any maintenance that should arise, the move out and return of the security deposits as needed.

The property leasing model is great for those customers that don’t want to handle the rental property marketing, but, are ok handling the property management and collection this may be the right option for you.

Whether it be a condo or townhome, single family home or any other property, we can help take the work out of finding tenants for you. Our Residential leasing service is one of our newest levels of service that we are offering customers, and it has quickly grown very popular.

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